Saturday, July 18, 2009

This... and many other things.


I'm playing the horn again and I wanted to document my efforts at getting back into shape... and many other things as well.

Tonight the Braves lost, the watermelon is juicy, it's hot in the Valley, more astronauts than ever before are orbiting Earth, and I played the horn for about an hour.

This is significant because up until last week, I hadn't played regularly or with this kind of focus since December 2003. But I'm ready now and it is good.

Last week, I looked around the internet for information on getting back into playing a brass instrument after an insanely long layoff. There was very little. So I'm going to chronicle my exploits as I attempt to get back in playing shape.

My apartment has thin walls so I'm using a practice mute most of the time. But I recently found a place to play out loud - and they have a dog, so that rules.

Today, I'm back with the practice mute, but making progress. I'm rocking the Elementary Rubank Method book and working on changing how I use my air. It's been so long since I've regularly read music that I'm re-learning that for the better too.

Today, I iced my lip after I finished. I'll be doing that again. The lip was tight and thick, but the ice knocked it back to suppleness. I'm hoping to keep that going and the progress on track.

More later.